Kobe is one of the best ever to do it. 5 championships, 30k+ points and counting, 6k+ assists, and one of the most killer instincts the game has ever seen.

I collect pretty much any Kobe cards, but I tend to lean toward colourful inserts from the late 90s and early 2000s. The cards you'll see posted here are my favourite ones, which tend to be the most valuable ones, as well as some of the funkier designs that aren't so valuable.

So, in no particular order, I give you the Black Mamba:

1998-99 Flair Showcase TakeIt2.net: The name of the card is either a genius pun or horribly lame, depending on how much you enjoy puns. Regardless, this circuit board style design is great.

Kobe 1997-98 Ultra Court Masters Kobe Bryant.

1998-99 Skybox Premium That's Jam:  The fact that this card exists is hilarious. There is nothing particularly exciting about jam, and the effort they made to actually make it look like a jam label is impressive. Multiple people had to sign off on this design for it to get produced. Amazing. The colours are striking, the concept is totally unique, and it just makes for a great card all around.

1998-99 Skybox Premium That's Jam: The fact that this card exists is hilarious. There is nothing particularly exciting about jam, and the effort they made to actually make it look like a jam label is impressive. Multiple people had to sign off on this design for it to get produced. Amazing. The colours are striking, the concept is totally unique, and it just makes for a great card all around.


1996-97 Topps Finest Rookie Card Kobe Bryant: This is the first Topps Finest Kobe card. It is the start of an incredible series of cards from Finest.

1996-97 Topps Finest Series 2 Kobe Bryant: Maybe my favourite Kobe card. I badly want the refractor of this bad boy.

1999-00 Sage Gold Autograph Kobe Bryant: This is maybe the most valuable card in my collection. There are only twenty-five of these cards in existence, and this is a fantastic specimen. Sharp corners and a clean auto. Not the nicest style, but the great autograph and exclusivity makes this a prized card.

1998-99 Topps Roundball Royalty Kobe Bryant.

1999-00 Fleer Force Operation Invasion Kobe Bryant.

1997-98 SPX Sky Kobe Bryant

1997-98 SPX Silver Kobe Bryant

1997-98 SPX Bronze Kobe Bryant

1997-98 SPX Kobe Bryant


1998-99 Skybox E-X Century Dunk 'N' Go Nuts: This is another one to file under the "Who came up with this idea?" heading.Did the people at Dunkin' Donuts approach the card company? Did the card designer think it was a funny parody? Skybox certainly seemed to have a sense of humour with some of its designs, and it makes for a fun insert.


1996-97 Flair Showcase Row 1 Seat 31 Kobe Bryant.

1996-97 Flair Showcase Class of '96 Kobe Bryant.

1997-98 Metal Universe Titanium Kobe Bryant.

1997-98 Topps Generations Kobe Bryant.

1997-98 Ultra Star Power Plus Kobe Bryant.

1997-98 Topps Finest #232 Kobe Bryant.

1997-98 Topps Finest Embossed #232 Kobe Bryant

1997-98 Topps Finest #137 Kobe Bryant: I don't know if there's a Topps Finest Kobe card that I don't like. This picture is kinda weak, but it's a gorgeous card.

1998-99 NBA Hoops Bams Proof Kobe Bryant: This is a short-printed set, with only 250 cards produced. This is a true rarity for a set from the 90s. However, making this particular card even more rare, is the fact that it is a proof card. You may notice that there is a hole punched in the top of the card. See the explanation below the photo of the card's reverse ---->

1998-99 NBA Hoops Bams Proof Kobe Bryant Reverse: See where it says, "of 250"? If this were a regular card, it would say, "7 of 250" or "183 of 250", etc. However, you can see that no number is printed before the "of". That is because this card is a "proof", printed to make sure that the machine is producing the cards correctly. Then a hole is punched in it to make sure that this is not confused for one of the actual set of 250 cards. That means that this card is literally, truly one of a kind. With the book value of a properly printed card at $350, I'd value this card much much higher. It's literally the only one in existence.

1997-98 Fleer Thrill Seekers Kobe Bryant.

1998-99 Topps Apparitions Kobe Bryant: This is the exact type of card I look to collect. Bright, interesting style, early career... Fun stuff.

1996-97 Skybox Premium New Edition Kobe Bryant: This is maybe one of my favourite Kobe cards. Nothing screams 90s more than this.

1998-99 Topps East/West Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan

2004-05 E-Xl Essential Credentials Future Kobe Bryant: This card is a nice parallel, numbered to just 106.

1998-99 Skybox Thunder Lift Off Kobe Bryant

1996-97 Topps NBA at 50 Kobe Bryant

1996-97 Skybox E-X2000

1999-00 Topps Prodigy Kobe Bryant

1996-97 Bowman's Best Kobe Bryant Rookie Card

1998-99 Fleer Brilliants Shining Lights

1999 Collector's Edge Game Ball Kobe Bryant: Interestingly, you can tell that Collector's Edge doesn't have a license to print proper cards, because they can't show the Lakers logo. There is a bit of game-used ball embedded in this card.

1999 Collector's Edge Rookie Rage Game Ball Kobe Bryant

1998-99 Collector's Edge Impulse Gold #5 with auto:  The card itself is not particularly impressive, but it is autographed, which obviously brings up the value substantially. I still need to get the autograph authenticated by PSA.

2009-10 Rookies & Stars Longevity Ruby #/250

2009-10 Crown Royale

1996-97 SP Kobe Bryant Rookie Card

1998-99 Upper Deck Aerodynamics Kobe Bryant Bronze #/2000

1997-98 Z-Force Total Impact Kobe Bryant

2003-04 Topps Chrome Refractor Kobe Bryant

1996-97 Skybox Z-Force Rookie Card

1997-98 Skybox Z-Force Fast Track

1996-97 Fleer Metal Cyber-Metal

1997-98 Topps Chrome Destiny

1999-00 Skybox Premium Good Stuff: This has a lot of wear along the left hand side of the card. This type of damage is known as "chipping". It makes this card virtually value-less.

1997-98 Topps Finest Bronze

1998-99 Topps Finest

1999-00 Topps Finest

1999-00 Topps Finest Sensations

2000-01 Topps Finest Gems

2000-01 Topps Finest

2003-04 Topps Finest

2004-05 Topps Finest

2005-06 Topps Finest

1998-99 Skybox Premium Mod Squad

2000-01 Fleer Focus Focus Pocus

2009-10 Upper Deck Now Appearing

2008-09 Upper Deck Starquest

2009-10 Upper Deck Draft Edition Alma Mater

2008-09 Topps Murad T51

1998-99 Fleer Tradition Great Expectations

1998-99 Topps Kick Start

2002-03 Topps Pristine

2003-04 Fleer Avant

2000-01 Topps Quantum Leaps

2002-03 Topps Verticality

2000-01 Upper Deck Lightning Strikes

1999-00 Flair Showcase Guaranteed Fresh

2003-04 Bowman Chrome

2006-07 Topps Chrome Refractor

2004-05 Fleer Tradition Award Winner, Green Parallel

2006-06 Topps 1952 Style: The autograph on this card is just a printed one. It's not actually signed.

2004-05 Topps Chrome

2005-06 Topps Chrome

1996-97 Stadium Club Rookie Showcase #RS11, graded Near Mint 9

1996-97 Upper Deck #58 Rookie Card, graded GEM-MT 10

2002-03 Upper Deck MVP #79: I got this card as part of a larger lot. I'm not sure who would get this card graded as it holds very little value, but still pretty nice.

2010-11 Donruss Production Line Game-Used Patch

2010-11 National Treasures Game Worn Patch #/99 Kobe Bryant

2010-11 Donruss Gamers Materials #/299 Kobe Bryant

2009-10 Panini Studio Game Worn Jersey Patch Kobe Bryant #/249

2009-10 Playoff National Treasures All Decade Materials Kobe Bryant #/99

1998-99 Collector's Edge Impulse Memorable Moments Kobe Bryant

1996-97 Upper Deck Rookie Exclusives Kobe Bryant

1996 Pacific Power Gold Crown Die Cut Kobe Bryant

1998-99 Topps Chrome Cornerstones Kobe Bryant

1997-98 Hoops High Voltage Kobe Bryant

2006-07 Topps Big Game Blue Kobe Bryant

1997 SPX #22 Kobe Bryant

2006-07 Upper Deck Flight Team Gold Kobe Bryant

20050-06 Topps Pristine Game Worn Shorts #/500

1997-98 Collector's Chouce StarQuest

1999-00 Fleer Net Effect Kobe Bryant

2006-07 Fleer Hot Prospects White Hot #/15: This is my most exclusive kobe card (outside of the Bams proof), numbered out of only 15.

1999-00 Upper Deck HoloGrFx Ausome Kobe Bryant

2009-10 TOpps Chrome Kobe Bryant

1997-98 Bowman's Best Kobe Bryant Refractor

2007-08 Topps 50th Anniversary Kobe Bryant

1999-00 Topps Chrome Kobe Bryant Refractor

1999-00 Topps Impact Kobe Bryant

1996-97 Ultra Kobe Bryant Rookie Card

1996-97 Fleer Kobe Bryant

2007-08 Upper Deck Mini Jersey Kobe Bryant

1996-97 Topps Stadium Club Members Only Kobe Bryant: A fine early career card from Kobe. The design leaves a bit to be desired, but it's a nice 1996 card.

1996-97 Stadium Club Members Only Parallel R12 Kobe Bryant: This is a parallel card from Stadium club, and is a pretty valuable rookie card, despite the somewhat lacklustre style

2008-09 SPX Lebron James & Kobe Bryant Winning Materials Combo This card features a game used jersey patch from both Kobe and Lebron. Two of the best (not to mention the most iconic) players in the game.

2005-06 SPX Winning Combos Kobe Bryant & Caron Butler