THE NEXT STEP (SEASON 5 & 6) is one of the most popular tween dramas in Canada and the UK, airing on Family Channel and CBBC respectively. Now available on Universal Kids in the United States!

THE NEXT STEP (SEASON 4) is an award-winning television series that airs on Family Channel in Canada, CBBC in the UK, and Netflix (and other broadcasters) around the world.  I was a writer on season 4, which first aired in 2016.

LOST & FOUND MUSIC STUDIOS (SEASON 1) is a television series produced by Temple Street Productions. Available around the world on Netflix. I was a writer on the first season, which will air in 2016.

THE NEXT STEP (SEASON 3). I wrote on season 3, which aired in 2015 on Family Channel, CBBC, and a number of other broadcasters around the world.

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THE COURTSHIP OF DR DISASTRO is a short film I wrote and produced with Malek Pacha. It's an offbeat romantic comedy about a misfit twenty-something with dreams of becoming a supervillain, whose budding relationship threatens his plans for world domination. It was nominated for Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Editing, and Sound Design, and won Editing and Sound Design.

RESILIENCE - External Link to IMDB. A short film I co-wrote. Winner of Best Screenplay at Toronto Film School Festival of Films, and screened at The 2013 International Diaspora Film Festival.

TREADING WATERLOO -  External link to YouTube. A sketch comedy series that I wrote and produced several years ago. It aired on Rogers Television in several Southwestern Ontario markets.

OLIVIA - External Link to IMDB. A short film that I wrote the screenplay for, which was screened at a number of film festivals. It's an adaptation of a short story/monologue by award-winning author Jack Ketchum.